Thursday, December 13, 2018

Sojourn by R. A. Salvatore

I had been looking forward to this book since I started the Dark Elf trilogy. The book when Drizzt finally leaves the Underdark and encounters the races on the surface above. The first and second book in the series are Homeland and Exile.

It was with much anticipation I started listening and for the first couple of hours I was not disappointed. But then after the first few encounters the book slows down and it is only until late in the book it picks up a little again only to not come to any kind of crescendo.

A tad disappointed, but still pleased to have found another favorite character in Drizzt. To be fair, one of the events early in the book did surprise and even shock me. Still now after a couple of weeks I recall and think about it. The story truly turned in a way I was not expecting. Maybe I'm just sensitive, though officially I'm tough as nails, honest.

I did enjoy the interweaving of several different groups of races and of groups of people. It made the world come alive to a certain extent. Also, for me, it gave promise of things to come on Drizzt's future journey through the world.

One thing that comes through, that I appreciate, is that it isn't easy for a dark elf to approach and initiate any kind of contact with other races. An obvious thing certainly, but it is depicted naturally, with fear and hesitation and even anger from the people he encounters. Not over the top, which would be easy and probably tempting to write.

In total I enjoyed the book and the whole Dark Elf series without a doubt. It wasn't quite up to what I was expecting, but I was entertained without pause throughout.

I don't have too high hopes for the next trilogy, The Icewind Dale trilogy, as it was written before the Dark Elf trilogy and I've read reviews telling of a somewhat different and undeveloped personality of Drizzt. In a way it sounds like going backwards in the story when it comes to the character of Drizzt, even though the storyline does continue in the Icewind Dale series.

I shouldn't judge it beforehand, I'll see what gives when I read that series. Until then I'm going to slip in a couple of other books in to recalculate the senses a bit.

Until then.

If you've read the Dark Elf series or any of the other books on Drizzt, what are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment. Would be great to hear your opinion on the series or the books in general.

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